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The CSIA board of directors, regional chairs, committee chairs (WIS, TEC, HOF) and staff from coast to coast, held meetings in Montreal over the past week. Discussions encompassed a detailed review of last season, technical updates, planning for the 2024-2025 season and work on a new strategic plan. It was great to be able to have these important face-to-face meetings, exchange ideas and discuss strategies to advance opportunities for our members, partners, and stakeholders. Stay tuned during the summer through early next season to learn more on the many positive and exciting outcomes of these discussions. Below are a few photos from the meetings.

CSIA staff members

CSIA board of directors, advisors, regional chairs and committee chairs

CSIA Women in Skiing committee (WIS)

CSIA Technical and Education committee (TEC)


At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lake Louise the National Governance Committee (NGC) reported it would deliver periodic updates to the membership, and now as the CSIA is conducting its strategic planning process for the upcoming period, this is an opportune time.

At the AGM we reported progress in forming and populating the NGC with skilled professionals and developing an operating rhythm.  That committee composed and delivered terms of reference for the renewed Technical & Education Committee and proposed an update to the by-laws for compliance with the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act which was approved by the members.  We’ve now moved on to next steps.

In the midst of a busy agenda the board is undertaking governance training from a third-party expert to ensure that they understand their role and responsibilities and are operating under best practises.  Further, as we approach the beginning of a new term, the NGC has arranged for a review of board performance to identify areas of both strength and development.

Most importantly, the organizational review of the CSIA’s governance has started out with a proposed approach submitted to the board.  With a 2024 AGM timeline for member approval, we want to be sure that we are moving in unison toward the goal, so agreement on an approach is a useful step.

On an ongoing basis, the governance committee is invested in helping the board to understand their roles and responsibilities and adhere to their fiduciary duty.

Watch for more information on the governance review.  In the meantime, you can reach the NGC by email at csiagc@snowpro.com


As our 85th anniversary is drawing to a close, a few snow sports organizations around the world wanted to give the CSIA their best wishes! Thank you to the representatives from the USA, Australia, the UK, Denmark and a few other countries! Click below to watch!


Please note that from May 3 to September 2, 2024, the CSIA National Office will be open Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, and closed on Fridays.


REMINDER – The CSIA National Hall of Fame Committee is seeking nominations for the 2024-2025 National Hall of Fame. Click here to get all the information and to access the nomination form.

The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2024. Please submit your nomination form to hof-tdlr@snowpro.com.



Ontario’s new CSIA Technical and Education Committee Representative

Steve Young, a Level 4 certified ski instructor with over 30 years of experience, is dedicated to advancing ski education as a member of the CSIA Technical and Education Committee. He has an extensive background mentoring instructors and representing the CSIA on the international stage both as an Interski member and instructor across North America and Japan.

The opportunity to contribute to the CSIA aligns perfectly with my lifelong passion for ski teaching!” Steve Young

Photo: Steve Young (Credit: Wendy Webb Photography)

We would like to thank AJ Leeming, outgoing Ontario TEC representative, for his hard work and dedication on the Committee.

Recipients of CSIA Ontario Grants

Congratulations to the following five Ontario ski schools/clubs for being chosen for this year’s CSIA Ontario Grants Program: Glen Eden, Hockley Valley, Mount Jamieson, Snowland Outdoor Club and Snowy Action Club.

These Ontario ski schools/clubs were chosen for their in-depth, creative and impactful proposals. Here are a few examples.  

Glen Eden is developing a new program to invite new candidates to the snow sport industry. It will show them what to expect, how to apply as an instructor and what is involved in taking part in CSIA level 1 certification.

Mount Jamieson Resort grant will assist them with enhancing their beginner skiing area with the goal of improving both the instructor and student experience.

Snowland Outdoor Club is developing an On-Snow Training Academy to provide new Canadians with opportunities to gain further understanding of how to get involved in skiing through CSIA certification.

The Ontario Board would like to thank the members of the grant panel from across the province for their unbiased and thorough work in awarding the grant recipients. 

Call for CSIA Ontario Directors

We are still looking for directors for the CSIA Ontario Board; candidates with experience in areas such as strategic planning, promoting and servicing membership, financial planning, governance and event planning. For further details please reach out via email to: gov@csiaontario.com

Ontario AGM and SGM – Friday June 21 & Saturday June 22, 2024

Please join us at CSIA Ontario’s AGM and SGM at Hockley Valley Resort in Mono, Ontario. Further details will be posted soon.  Hope to see you there!


As the season changes, and the bikes and golf clubs come out, we would like to thank all members for a great season. Despite all the weather challenges, we hope that everyone managed to get some good turns in this season, had fun out on the slopes and overall had a great winter.

Even with the weather challenges, course participation was strong. It’s great to see so many members engaged and participating in their continued development. This season we were able to assist about 50 members with their professional development through our bursary, scholarship and Community Chest programs.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of Ski-Town 2024 is Hart Ski Hill (Hart Highlands Winter Club) in Prince George. Hart Highlands is a not-for-profit which has been servicing the local community for 55 years. Congratulations for all the great work you do within the community, with the local schools and for hosting the special event for the Ukrainian community.

We are excited to introduce Anne Terwiel as the new representative for BC on the Technical and Education Committee. Anne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, both as an educator and course conductor. We would also like to thank our out-going TEC representative, Josh Foster, for all his hard work, dedication, and commitment to our organization.

Photo contest alert! Check out snowprobc.com for all the information on the end of season photo contest and win some prizes. Visit the website during the summer for the latest news.

We wish you an amazing summer and look forward to doing some turns next year.



By Frédérick LépineCSIA Level 4 Instructor, CSIA Level 4 Course Conductor 

The end of the ski season and the arrival of spring is the perfect time to get back into other physical activities. It’s also a moment to check in on the goals you set for your ski season. What are your next ski season aspirations and what physical activities can you plan to support your new goals?

Step 1: Improve your overall health. 

After a long ski season, accumulated fatigue can limit our ability to recover. Focusing on your diet and sleep habits could help speed up recovery. Also, if you have a joint injury, now is the time to heal. Consult a health specialist to promote healing so you can enjoy your summer activities in comfort.

Step 2: Develop your overall physical fitness.

The goal is to limit any sedentary lifestyle habits and increase your level of physical activity. This includes all cardiovascular, muscle-strengthening, and other mobilizing activities. Try to plan daily physical activities you enjoy, and gradually increase the duration. For example, if you’re a runner, build up your capacity with sessions of regular moderate intensity, before adding intensity or length. That way, you’ll be more successful in the long term. 

Step 3: Develop your athletic skills

Add sports that involve emotional, cognitive, and physical aspects. Choose activities that are interesting, fun, and require a high level of attention to promote decision-making skills. These sports should also challenge your skills, from agility to speed and coordination. These key elements will enable you to adjust to complex, athletic situations. Mountain biking is a good example. 

In short, take the time to prioritize staying active and healthy. Choose activities you’ll enjoy and dare to challenge yourself to make the most of your spring.