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THANK YOU to all CSIA Volunteers!

Next week is volunteer recognition week and the CSIA would like to thank and recognize all its volunteers across the country. You are amongst 24 million Canadians who offer their time and energy.

Whether you are part of the National/Regional boards or one of our committees, such as the Technical and Education Committee, Governance Committee or the WIS Committee; your passion, dedication and relentless efforts have enabled the CSIA’s success since its beginning, 85 years ago and in the years to come.

Thank you to all who have volunteered over the years and to the ones who will be volunteering in the future.

If you would like to get involved, but don’t know how, please contact us at national@snowpro.com.


The CSIA National Hall of Fame Committee is seeking nominations for the 2024-2025 National Hall of Fame. Click here to get all the information and to access the nomination form.

The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2024. Please submit your nomination form to hof-tdlr@snowpro.com.


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There’s a tune by the Rankin family that has become synonymous with the way Maritimers stand strong in the face of adversity. The song, ‘Rise Again’, could have been the anthem of the winter. While there were some challenges with weather and natural phenomena (I’m thinking about Marble Mountain’s mudslide/washout in late February), we certainly rose above any challenges to make it a great winter. 

Sometimes challenges present opportunities and the optimist in me would like to think that our region took advantage of those opportunities by coming together, which was the motto of our organization’s 85th anniversary. Together/Ensemble.

The winter saw some definite highlights. Starting with new inductees into the CSIA Atlantic Region’s Hall of Fame. This year’s recipients were David Thompson in the Builder category, Joey O’Brien as Contributor and Hans Bossard as Inspirational Leader. We also recognized Ron Steeves and David Greene for their outstanding service to the Atlantic Region.

Other notable events were  the number of courses and Pro Days attended throughout the Region.

  • Areas like Sugarloaf, in New Brunswick, saw many new level ones proudly achieving their first pin.
  • Ben Eoin, in Cape Breton, hosted a successful Level 2 course, despite much of the Island being brought to a standstill by a historic snowfall.
  • Did I mention Marble Mountain, NFLD. They dug out after the aforementioned washout, and finished their season with great ski conditions, Bravo!
  • Brookvale, PEI, hosted a fantastic Pro Day and Level 2 course.
  • In all, 50 members from our region benefitted from the CSIA’s 85 Together Pro Days, which were held in 3 provinces, NB, PEI, and NFLD.

We also managed to award over $8000 in scholarships for regional members to continue their pathway of learning. What’s evident is that our members are passionate, driven and eager to create awesome experiences for their students.

We’re proud of all our members’ achievements, but a few deserve honorable mentions. Congratulations to:

  • Jamie Muirhead, from Wentworth Ski School, for achieving his Trainer’s Designation.
  • Serge Breau, from Crabbe Mountain, for passing the Teaching portion of his Level 4, and to   
  • Todd Johns, from Wentworth, for achieving his Level 4 and receiving his blue pin!
  • All the other members who took courses. Keep learning and growing!

While this winter is over, we look forward with enthusiasm to the next one, and to the strong bond between the Atlantic Region and the CSIA.


The ski season isn’t over yet, dear members!

We organized the very last session of our “Jouer sur la neige“, program, with a special touch for the 85th anniversary of the CSIA. It all took place at Mont-Sainte-Anne on April 6.

We’re ending the 2023-2024 season with a bang, and with spring skiing in full swing!

We’ve had great success this year with “Jouer sur la neige”, visiting many ski areas in Quebec, and over 600 ski instructors had the chance to take part in our sessions offered free of charge by our Quebec committee.

We’ll soon be putting our skis away to start preparing for next season! Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on our next projects!


One of CSIA Ontario’s 2024 Season Ending Fun Days at Calabogie Peaks 

Fun Days across Ontario

CSIA Ontario hosted several Season Ending “Fun Days” on Saturday, March 23. In Eastern Ontario Calabogie Peaks hosted close to 80 instructors and 500 CSIA instructors participated in the Southern Ontario Fun Day at Craigleith Ski Club.

These fun days involved very popular sessions with Level 4 instructors, fun ski races and synchro skiing.

How simple and accessible it was. It was definitively an opportunity for end of season learning !”

-Sharon McMillan Don Lavictoire

“Learned some new skills!”

-Zhen Liu 

Call for CSIA Ontario Directors

Take this opportunity to influence the trajectory of CSIA Ontario by applying to join our team of directors.

We are looking for directors who can participate in such areas as CSIA Ontario’s strategic planning, promoting and servicing membership, financial planning, governance and event planning. Various skills and knowledge are welcome.

For further details please see CSIA Ontario website or reach out via email to: gov@csiaontario.com

Apply for Scholarships, Bursaries, Grants, Hall of Fame & Awards

CSIA Ontario is dedicated to helping our members progress on the hill, whether you’re aiming for a higher certification or improving your teaching and skiing. Financial assistance is made available to Ontario CSIA ski instructors. Scholarship and Bursaries Program application deadline date is April 30th, 2024. Click here to apply and for more information.

Thank you members!

The CSIA Board would like to thank you for being a member and for participating in the challenging 2023-2024 ski season (limited snow). 🙂

We hope you had a chance to take advantage of this year’s new CSIA Ontario scholarships, bursaries, PD days, Women in Skiing camps, new CSIA Ontario website, Tech talks, training initiatives for members in the northern remote communities and Fun Days.

CSIA Ontario looks forward to building a bigger base for you next year with even more programs and events to add value to your membership!

See you next season!



By Christine Davidson, CSIA Level 4 Instructor, CSIA Level 3 Course Conductor, ACA DL, Interim Chair Women in Skiing Committee (WIS)

Gaining A Competitive Edge and Fostering Allyship

Women-specific training groups at snow sports schools can become incubators for the enhancement and innovation of women-centric ski lesson programs. Programs like Ladies Day Camps, which have surged in popularity over the last decade, now face a saturated market.

The Competitive Edge

The standout programs are taught by instructors who are not only highly certified but also possess a deep understanding of specialized areas such as gear setup for women’s biomechanics, coaching Freeride and Freestyle skills, and managing risk while leading groups in complex terrain. The best in the business are especially skilled in creating learning experiences that sensitively navigate the sociocultural factors affecting women’s engagement in sports.

The Role of Allyship

An integral component to the success and impact of women-specific training in snow sports schools is the role of allyship, particularly from male colleagues. Men can play a pivotal role in supporting and amplifying the efforts and objectives of women-specific training groups. This support can manifest in various ways, from advocating for the resources and recognition these groups deserve to actively participating in discussions and initiatives that promote gender equity in the workplace.

The active participation of male instructors in these efforts leads to a more dynamic, diverse, and supportive teaching environment that better serves the needs of all students and instructors alike. Through allyship, snow sports schools can ensure that their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion extends beyond policy, becoming a lived reality for staff.

Why it Matters

Snow schools that prioritize the equitable development and training of their instructors can redefine industry standards. They can offer guests unparalleled experiences, thereby driving business growth by meeting and exceeding the evolving expectations of their clientele.

By aligning with DEI best practices, snow sports schools can navigate gender imbalances, confront stereotype threats, and foster a supportive environment for all. When men support their female colleagues through allyship, the overall training culture is amplified. All the above not only enhances the inclusivity within the snow sports school but also improves business outcomes and the broader movement towards gender equity in sports.