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The CSIA is looking to fill the full-time position of Products and Education Manager. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to transform CSIA’s approach to educational development and become an integral part of this great organizationClick here for the complete job description.

Interested? Please note that we have extended the application deadline to February 16th, 2024. Please forward your resumé to hrrh@snowpro.com and contact Nigel Loring at nloring@snowpro.com for any questions.


Gloves & mitts are on sale!  Don’t miss this sale on all CSIA branded gloves & mitts, including the new Auclair Panorama gloves and the Level Thermoplus 4000 overgloves, at 20% off Member pricing. 

Check out these items and many more CSIA branded items available only to Members on the CSIA online store and save!  Sales ends February 29, 2024.


The 2023 Interski Congress took place last March in Levi, Finland. Our CSIA Interski Team came back with loads of technical information and new ideas to share with you. Here is the last report prepared by Casey Bouius. Click here to read his report.


As valued CSIA Members, we want to ensure you feel informed, engaged, and best equipped to take your love of skiing and ski instruction to the next level. The CSIA Upclose section includes answers to our Membership’s most frequently asked or pressing questions. You ask, we answer! Please send your questions to questions@snowpro.com. This month, Members asked about their CSIA income tax receipts. Click here to read the Q&A.


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This month, we would like to present an interview with three members of the CSIA Quebec Committee; three inspiring women who took part in the Women in skiing Summit, held at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Québec, from January 31 to February 2.

What inspired you to sign up for the Women in skiing Summit at Mont-Sainte-Anne?

Caroline Hupé, President of the CSIA Quebec Committee:

”I’ve been involved in the Ski Industry for several years. The goal of the Women in skiing Committee is really to increase the participation of women in the Industry, to encourage and inspire them in their progression.  As president of the Quebec committee, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to meet ski enthusiasts like myself.

What did you enjoy most about your days on snow?

Alex Poulin, CSIA Quebec Committee Secretary:

The positive atmosphere, the team spirit that was immediately noticeable. Women from all walks of life, from all over Canada, came together in this wonderful celebration of women’s skiing! The Instructors are truly motivated to share their knowledge and passion openly, without judgement and in collaboration.

How did you chose your electives from the many options available?

Alexandra Beaulieu, Vice-President of the CSIA Quebec committee:

My choice of electives was guided by my Level 4 objectives. I was lucky enough to meet up again with trainer Louise Rice, who recently taught me at Camp 1 of the Level 4. She was able to push the concepts worked on at Camp 1 a bit further and involve me in her teaching strategies. It even made me change my opinion on this type of event; I didn’t feel like it could meet my needs, but I’m very satisfied with my experience!

Ladies, in closing, how would you describe the atmosphere of this Summit?

Happiness and enthusiasm on the slopes and after skiing!

We hope to have given you the desire of participating in the WIS activities and in numerous training courses offered to all by the CSIA!

Photo: André Boyer


The Central Region ski areas are in full swing since this past January.  CSIA Central has Courses happening throughout the Region with successful Level 1’s starting this season. Congratulations to all our new Level 1 Ski Instructors and welcome to the CSIA in our celebration year of 85 years of a great organization.

Did you know that each year, CSIA Central offers Scholarships to its Members throughout the Region? Members can apply for upcoming Courses or the past season Courses. CSIA Central accepts Scholarship applications until December 31st of each year, for a chance to receive $1000 in financial support. There are 3 scholarship funds per province. Be sure to send your application to csiacentral@gmail.com including the subject line: CSIA Central Scholarship. Tell us about yourself and your ski journey, what you have accomplished and where you want to go with your skiing. We encourage Members to apply for the Scholarships as this is an opportunity to register for that next level of certification or next training day.

CSIA Central is looking for young people to join a Youth Committee to represent 25 years and under within our Region.  If you or someone from your Snow School is interested, please contact CSIA Central at csiacentral@gmail.com. This Youth Committee initiative is new to CSIA Central and we look forward to working with our younger Members to grow in their skiing and teaching skills.

CSIA Central is calling on all interested Members who would like to join our Board.  CSIA Central is a Regional Board that covers Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwestern Ontario. We would like to invite those interested to participate in a meeting.  If you would like to be involved, please feel free to reach out to CSIA Central at csiacentral@gmail.com or speak to one of our current Board Members:

Anderson Goss (Chairperson), Gord Lacoursiere (Saskatchewan Representative), Geoff Hall (Northwestern Ontario Representative), Jack Jennings (Northwestern Ontario Representative (Interim)

National Representation

Craig Chapman (EPC Central Region), Catherine Jordan (RAC Central Region), James Lindsey (National Representative)


We hope that your calendars are marked for the Alberta Spring Fling on April 13-14, 2024, and the CSIA Regional Board Annual General Meeting on April 13! Looking forward to a great weekend!  

International Women’s Day is coming up! Your Alberta Board wants to encourage all Members to wear something purple at your ski hill on March 8, as a nod to all the women Instructors in your Snow School.

Your Board is also reaching out to CSIA Alberta Members to invite you to nominate a possible candidate to the CSIA Alberta Regional Hall of Fame. We are also inviting all Alberta Snow School Directors to nominate a potential candidate to receive the CSIA Alberta Regional Ski Instructor of the Year Award.  Deadline for both submissions is midnight on February 26, 2024.

Click here to fill out the Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

Click here to fill out the Ski Instructor of the Year Award.                          

Are you looking to develop a new skill, meet new friends, have new connections around the province or expand your knowledge about the CSIA? Do you just want to have a fun time supporting something you are passionate about? Your CSIA Regional Board is looking for volunteers to sit on various new committees, from a Governance Committee to a Spring Fling Committee and more in between. Contact us and share your desire and skill sets and we will try and match you with a committee.


Ski-Town 2024 Contest

Does your ski community, resort and Snow School have what it takes to be crowned BC/Yukon’s Ski-Town 2024? Show the Region why your Snow School/resort stands above all others by submitting a video that shows what makes your resort unique and how your Snow School, resort and ski community come together to share the passion and spirit of skiing. Winning entry receives $5,000 for Snow School/resort upgrades and the opportunity to host a regional event the following season. For more details, check out our website.

Regional Events

  • Regional Pro Day at Panorama on February 23, 2024
  • Regional Pro Day at Big White on March 9, 2024
  • Northern Festival at Troll has been re-scheduled to March 23-24, 2024
  • Save the date – Spring Fling at Big White, April 13-14, 2024. Details coming soon.
  • International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024. CSIA BC is partnering with WIS to host a special WIS Pro Day in Fernie, Silver Star, Sun Peaks and Whistler. Details coming soon.
  • City Lights and City Sessions coming in March. Dates and locations being finalized.

For the latest information consult the Events tab on the website.


Are you looking to continue your professional development this season? Need assistance to host an event?Financial assistance is available through our expanded Bursary Program and new this year, the Community Chest initiative. Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2024. For more information about available funding, please refer to the Funding tab on the website.

Pro Deals

BC/Yukon Region’s new partnership with SKICOSMOS will allow current CSIA Members access to SKICOSMOS programs at preferred rates. More information about these exclusive offers can be found under the Pro Deals section on the website.



By Erin Touchie, CSIA Level 3 Instructor, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor, Atlantic Representative and Chair of the TEC

Hello, my fellow custodians of the gravitational arts!

It’s that time of year – many Members across the country are making the decision to register for exams to achieve their next level of certification.  Cue the butterflies!  Certification exams can be daunting, but choosing effective preparation methods that work for you can help you navigate the butterflies and achieve success. 

Control what you can

You can’t control the snow conditions or what locations are chosen for ski off runs.  Instead, focus on what you can control.

For example, I often volunteer to teach second or third during an exam.  Participating in someone else’s lesson can ease my nerves, allow me to assess my fellow candidates, and help me get focused to teach. 

Staying healthy and hydrated by packing nutritious lunches and chairlift snacks is also a must.  Keep your equipment tuned to your preference and, of course, get a good night’s sleep!

Focus on success

Picturing your own success during a certification exam can help you create a positive image of what you want to achieve.  During skiing exams, visualize your successful ski off run!  If you have a run that doesn’t go well, don’t dwell on it, but focus instead on a better second run.  Try using your Course Conductors’ demos as an example of speed and turn shape as objectives.  Many Instructors also find having a solo chairlift ride will allow them the time to re-group and re-imagine their success. 


Take advantage of the experience at your local ski resort!  Everyone has meaningful advice to share before exam time.  Attend training sessions, ask an experienced colleague to observe you teach, and ask to observe others teaching.  Keep a journal of your ski teaching experiences, tips and tricks, and words of wisdom from local legends.  (“Skiing is a game I play with my feet!” – Nick Pratt)

During exams, remember your fellow candidates are just as nervous as you are.  Be sure to participate actively during their lessons to help them succeed.  Support and encourage each other by having conversations about what they are working on, this can help everyone set objectives and guide their lessons.

Photo: JP Lalonde

Being nervous is normal!

Finally, the most important piece of advice I’ve ever received is that being a bit nervous is a good thing – it means you care.  It’s ok to be nervous and to share those nerves with others.  Make sure your butterflies come from a positive place by focusing on exams as an opportunity for continued growth.  Hopefully some of the advice given here can help calm some of those nerves!

Best of luck to all during exam season – you got this!

*Thank you to my amazing CSIA Atlantic colleagues (near and far) for their guidance!